About Blythe Cactus Farm

Blythe Cactus Farm is an independently operated grower of unique and rare cacti, succulents and fat plants, specializing in rare and endangered species.  Our operations are fully sustained by our current collection and thus we do not import or purchase from others.  

We moved our nursery from Sacramento, California to Blythe, California in June 2021.  Our cactus love the warm weather and we love the peaceful wide open spaces and unique views of the Palo Verde Valley.

Pilosocereus azureus

Our nursery is located approximately 3 miles from the Colorado River on the California side of the Arizona border.

We are currently using approximately 4 acres of growing area in various greenhouse and shade structures.


Some of the lithops in our collection.

Another growing area sheltered from the harsh sun of the Palo Verde Valley.

Although sometimes overly eager to taste expensive plants, these guys keep the population of insects - including scorpions - to a tolerable level.