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Blythe Cactus Farm

Lithop Seeds - Assorted species and hybrids

Lithop Seeds - Assorted species and hybrids

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You will receive fresh seeds guaranteed to germinate.

Lithops seeds are tiny! Please use a magnifying glass if needed. Seeds do germinate and grow quickly - most species grow fast up to 1/2 inch in 3-6 months. Some seeds will germinate months or years after others - so never give up.

Keep watered during growing season, let dry our between watering. Younger lithops tolerate and prefer more moisture and frequent watering.

Growing and germination information is provided.

May include seeds from aucampiae, bromfieldii, comptonii, dinteri, dorothae, fulviceps, gesinae, geyeri, hallii, helmutii, hookeri, julii, karasmontana, lesliei, marmorata, optica, olivacea, salicola, schwantesii, terricolor, verruculosa, villetii, werneri - or hybrids.

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